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“Great experience. The office is very clean and all of the staff members were friendly and considerate. I do intend to go back. “
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We’re a dental office in Burleson that takes pride in cleanliness and going above and beyond the state and federal guidelines for dental practices. We have a dedicated area that utilizes advanced sterilization technology that wraps, disinfects, and readies the instruments before use. Our office is extremely safe, clean, and organized. On top of the sterilization process, our instruments are put through a rigorous spore testing from third-party laboratories on a weekly basis to ensure that they are safe and sterile. We also clean and sanitize the treatment rooms in between patients as well, so you can feel comfortable, safe, and clean during your dental treatment.

Safety & Security for Personal Information

Not only do we take extra efforts to ensure physical cleanliness, we also take extreme care with your personal information. Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry gladly let ourselves be monitored and audited on a regular basis to ensure that we are compliant with all ASHA and HIPAA regulations. All information is gathered using secure systems and maintained secure servers you can trust. We will not share any patent information to outside parties without explicit permissions from the patient or guardian. Your financial information is usually passed through us in an encrypted state so we don’t even see it.

Investing in Excellence

Your comfort and peace of mind are what is important to us, and we will continue to abide by these standards of excellence and patient satisfaction. We worry about all of the details so you don’t have to!

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