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Is Chewing Gum Good for My Teeth?

A common way to fight bad breath is to reach for a stick of chewing gum. But have you ever wondered if that gum is safe for your teeth? Here’s what you need to look for when finding a tooth-healthy gum. Sugar & Oral Health Many gums contain sugar, which is harmful to your oral health because when plaque and bacteria feed on sugar, they produce acid that in turn damages your tooth enamel. Because gum stays directly on your teeth for long ... Read more

Evolution of Dental Technology

Your oral health wouldn’t be where it is without modern dental tools, from your well-designed toothbrush to the equipment that you see in your dentist’s office. How long did it take for humans to develop modern dental technology? Ancient Times The earliest evidence that humans took interest in maintaining their dental health dates back to 3000 BCE. Ancient peoples like the Egyptians, Etruscans, and Greeks all used rudimentary dental tools like chewing sticks and toothpicks as well as toothpowders to clean their teeth. ... Read more

How Do You Brush Your Teeth in Zero Gravity?

If you’ve ever seen those mesmerizing videos of astronauts eating or drinking while floating in space, you’ve probably been left wondering how they carry out their other normal day-to-day tasks with zero gravity making things a whole lot more complicated. Even so, with such intense conditions that their bodies go through, astronauts are expected to take great care of their health, including their teeth. What Kind of Dental Tools to Astronauts Use? The answer to this question isn’t as complex as you’d think: ... Read more

What Makes Teeth Feel Fuzzy?

We've all experienced it at least once. Sometimes teeth get that odd fuzzy feeling, especially first thing in the morning. What exactly is going on and should you be alarmed? The “Fuzz” on Fuzzy Teeth There are two main sources of the fuzzy feeling on teeth. Your teeth may feel fuzzier in the morning, and that’s because it’s from built-up plaque on the surface of your teeth from either not brushing enough, not brushing properly, or eating sugary foods. You can also get ... Read more

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

You can lose a tooth in adulthood for a variety of reasons. Maybe you played an intense game of hockey or maybe you were suffering from severe tooth decay. No matter how you lost your teeth, it’s important to properly replace them—and not just for appearance's sake. The Role Your Teeth Play Every tooth you have plays an important role. Some are used for biting in food, others for chewing, and others for grinding pieces of food into smaller, more digestible ones. Chewing ... Read more
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