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Do you have teeth that are missing or teeth that you know need to be extracted and replaced? Dental implants are one of the best and most convenient choices for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants give you a long-lasting solution that permanently stays in your mouth. This means that you treat your dental implant as you would any of your other teeth, and after a while, you will forget it’s even there! A dental implant is a small titanium post that is used to replace the root of the missing tooth. A porcelain crown will be installed on the implant for a natural look and feel. If you want a permanent solution for your missing teeth, contact your Burleson dentist at Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry!

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Dental Implants in Burleson

Not only will dental implants give you your smile back, they help to preserve the tooth-supporting bone that would otherwise naturally deteriorate after tooth loss, but they also prevent further problems down the road. Installing a dental implant is a minor surgical procedure, and the bone will need to heal with the implant before the crown is attached. Titanium is a biocompatible material which means your jawbone will fuse to the implant upon healing. This creates an immensely strong “anchor” for your new crown.

There are three primary tooth replacement options that Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry offers: single-tooth replacements, multi-tooth replacements, and implant-supported dentures.

Depending upon the number of missing teeth, certain implant options will be superior to others:

Single-Tooth Replacements have the highest success rate and are the best long-term investment for replacing a single tooth because single implants will not decay or need root canal treatments - it`s essentially a brand new tooth.

Multi-tooth replacements are similar to bridges and are commonly performed when three or more teeth in a row are missing which is an advantage over a bridge that connects to a natural tooth because there is no natural tooth to weaken or decay.

Implant-supported dentures will replace entire jawlines along the top or bottom (or both) rows, acting as a more effective denture that will not shift around the mouth or fall out when jaw movement occurs from eating or speaking. Instead, implant- supported dentures will lock into place as an entire row of comfortable, bottom or top jaw connected row of teeth.

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Review from Cassie Schulter
five stars

Cassie Schulter

-I have been going here for awhile now, and am always pleased! I have gotten several cavities filled, including 1 very extensive one as well as gotten a night guard done. The doctor is amazing, very informative and personable, and the staff is always amazing, nice and smiling! I highly recommend this dentist office!!
Review from Kathy Garza
five stars

Kathy Garza

-Great staff! Dr. Jones is great and very caring just went in this morning with some issues on work done 2 weeks ago. Thank you for making me feel that my concerns are important. 💕
Review from Pamela Chantre
five stars

Pamela Chantre

-These are a fantastic group of people. They are knowledgeable, caring and will accommodate the surroundings to your individual needs. I’ve had crowns placed and both were perfectly set. No problems at all. Everything was described in detail so that I understood how to take care of my crowns. I highly recommend the dental plan insurance. It saved me a lot of money and at the same time gave me options that were affordable for my family, too.
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