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Family who received general dental care at Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry

General dental care covers a wide range of dental services that includes preventative and restorative work on your teeth, gums, and jaw. General dentistry is the foundation of a comprehensive dental practice and can alleviate a variety of issues that can stem from those areas. We provide exceptional general dental care at Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry, and if you are looking for a dentist in Burleson that can provide you with the kind of care you can rely of for years to come, call us today!

If you come twice a year for a general check-up and examination, we’ll be able to diagnose and treat dental issues before they turn into anything major down the road. Even if you don’t feel any pain yet, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something small lurking in the shadows. Once you start to feel pain from a dental issue, it’s usually too late for preventative dental care!

Some of the comprehensive dental services we provide are:

We stay up to date with all of the latest dental technologies that will minimize evasive procedures whenever possible and will add an extra layer of comfort during your treatment. We want our patients to feel like they had a rewarding dental experience every single visit, and we strive to provide that every step of the way. We also don’t push any unnecessary dental treatments on patients, prioritizing transparency and honesty.