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Root Canal Therapy

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A mom enjoys time with her family after a root canal

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that removes an infection in the root of a tooth. You may need root canal therapy if you have a persistent pain the area surrounding a single tooth, a small blister on the gums below the tooth, or prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. The symptoms are accompanied by a lot of pain, and usually root canal therapy needs to be performed quickly so you can go back to your life pain-free and with all of your teeth!

What is Root Canal Therapy

If you experience any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned – prolonged sensitivity, sores or abscesses on your gums, or severe and persistent pain around a single tooth – we may recommend a root canal. Our team is trained in endodontics, or root canal therapy. The entire procedure often requires two appointments. In the first, we begin by numbing the immediate area with localized numbing agents and isolating the tooth. We drill into the tooth and clean out the infected tooth pulp from the root canals of the tooth, and then fill the canals with an antibiotic to ensure the infection is completely gone. To protect the tooth in between appointments, we place a temporary crown. At this appointment, we’ll also take the necessary impressions to have a permanent crown created for you and send that to a dental lab. At your second appointment, we’ll take X-rays to make sure everything is cleaned out, seal the root canals, and place and bond your permanent crown.

Tooth Infection

The root of your tooth can become infected through deep cavities or poor dental fillings that weren’t properly sealed. The bacteria can penetrate deep inside your tooth and infect the pulp and nerves that keep your tooth alive. Without root canal therapy, you would likely need to extract the tooth, and need costlier restorative care to replace the tooth. Our number one goal is for you to keep your natural teeth, so we work as hard as we can to remove the infection and protect your tooth against future damage through root canal therapy.

Comfort During Your Root Canal

Root canal therapy has a bad reputation because people think so much pain accompanies it. In reality, though, the pain of the infection is much worse than any discomfort patients feel during the root canal procedure. Before we even begin the procedure, we make sure to numb the area around the tooth thoroughly, and if you ever feel pain while we work, let us know so we can numb the area more. For our patients who suffer from moderate to severe dental anxiety, we have relaxing sedation options to help keep you in a comfortable state during the treatment – the simple procedure will be over before you know it. In the end, your infected tooth will quickly become a distant memory, and your smile will remain full and healthy!

Cost of a Root Canal

Getting a root canal in Burleson doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet. We do our best to provide affordable dental care to all of our patients. If you have dental insurance, we can check your benefits and file and track claims if your plan provides coverage for root canals. We can also break up your out-of-pocket costs into monthly payments that are easier to make. Take advantage of our in-house membership plan if you’re uninsured and get 30-50% off the cost of dental treatments. Call us to learn more about your financial options.

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