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Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, affects more than half of all adults to some degree. At Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry, we offer a range of periodontal services to treat gum disease at almost any stage. We can also work to reverse any damage or decay that has occurred as a result of periodontitis.

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Periodontal Services in Burleson

Gum disease, while common and very treatable, can lead to more serious issues if left untreated. It usually arises as a result of prolonged exposure to bacteria or plaque. The signs and symptoms begin with red, swollen or slightly darkened gums. Bleeding may also occur during brushing, flossing or professional cleanings. It’s important not to ignore these signs and symptoms and treat gum disease as early as possible.

Our periodontal services include:

Scaling and Root Planing

This two-step procedure involves using special dental tools to reach below the gum line, where any unwanted material will be cleaned. The next step involves smoothing out the root surfaces to prevent future damage or decay.

Dental Crown Lengthening

Gum disease can make your gum tissue inflamed or swollen, giving you the unwanted side effect of having a “gummy” smile. A dental crown lengthening is a minor surgical operation that involves removing and reshaping any excess gum tissue to restore the look of the gums.

Root Surface Debridement

This procedure involves a deep cleaning of the root surfaces that are present below the teeth. This removes any unwanted material that is present. After treatment, the gum disease should stop spreading, and the patient will have a faster recovery.

Pocket Reduction

One of the most important aspects of recovering from gum disease is reducing the size of any periodontal pockets that have formed. This can be accomplished by applying an antimicrobial liquid directly in the pockets. This will remove any harmful bacteria and cause the pockets to shrink.

Bone Grafting

This procedure is used for regenerating the jawbone when it has experienced deterioration or damage. This procedure consists of applying artificial bone-like material and special proteins directly to the damaged jawbone to promote new growth.

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Review from Cassie Schulter
five stars

Cassie Schulter

-I have been going here for awhile now, and am always pleased! I have gotten several cavities filled, including 1 very extensive one as well as gotten a night guard done. The doctor is amazing, very informative and personable, and the staff is always amazing, nice and smiling! I highly recommend this dentist office!!
Review from Kathy Garza
five stars

Kathy Garza

-Great staff! Dr. Jones is great and very caring just went in this morning with some issues on work done 2 weeks ago. Thank you for making me feel that my concerns are important. 💕
Review from Pamela Chantre
five stars

Pamela Chantre

-These are a fantastic group of people. They are knowledgeable, caring and will accommodate the surroundings to your individual needs. I’ve had crowns placed and both were perfectly set. No problems at all. Everything was described in detail so that I understood how to take care of my crowns. I highly recommend the dental plan insurance. It saved me a lot of money and at the same time gave me options that were affordable for my family, too.
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